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A Snake Removal Story

One afternoon I received an interesting call. It was a frantic new mom on the other end of the telephone. She was trying to explain there was a snake in her house. She was very nervous and sounded quite scared too. I spoke with her for a few moments and gathered all the information I need to get to the property. Once I had arrived, I began searching for the serpent (aka the snake) around the house.

After, checking around the property for any place of entry into the home and finding none. I moved on to knock on the front door and she was so happy to see me and the other heroes of Affordable Wildlife Removal. Once inside, I quickly noticed that the family had already gathered together in a bedroom. They left their brave dad to explain to me where they first caught sight of the deadly snake. He showed me the room where it might be located at. The father pointed up at a plant shelf.  So I let him know, I would return in moments with a ladder.

As I grab my ladder, I place it against the shelf and make my ascent. Carefully, looking at every area of the shelf with my flash light.  I soon discovered my prey… a plastic toy snake.  I found the dangerous bad boy and calmly let the family know they were safe.  We breathed easy and laughed a little too.  I told them that I usually find these plastic snakes only located in the kids’ section of any consignment store. It is safe to say that this plastic snake traveled far from home.