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Our Humane Wild Hog Removal is Permanent with 100% Success Rate

Affordable Wildlife Removal offers comprehensive feral hog removal services to residential and commercial clients. We specialize in humane livetrapping, removal and exclusion services, and can handle all kinds of infestations. Our technicians will humanely trap all the feral hogs on your property, and then transport them to a designated wildlife sanctuary, or release them in a suitable remote location. We also use a variety of techniques to prevent the hogs from returning, such as using fencing and digging deep trenches. Our technicians are certified and trained in humane wildlife removal, and use safe techniques that involve no chemicals or harm to the animals. We also offer a followup service to reinforce exclusion efforts and to make sure the hogs are gone for good.

Welcome to Affordable Wildlife Removal!

Do you have a feral hog problem on your property? Affordable Wildlife Removal is experienced in the removal of feral hogs and can help you regain your property and your peace of mind. We understand that feral hogs can cause extensive damage to your land, and we are here to help.

Our dedicated staff is experienced in the removal and trapping of feral hogs, and can assist you in finding the most effective and humane methods of clearing these animals from your property. We are certified in the use of humane harassment, trapping, exclusion and live-trapping methods that are effective in controlling the population of feral hogs on your land. We also help educate you on the best practices for minimizing contact with feral hogs, so that your property remains safe and your peace of mind can remain intact.

When you need an experienced and reliable feral hog removal service that will get the job done quickly and humanely, call Affordable Wildlife Removal. We offer our services at competitive rates, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Call us today to discuss your feral hog removal needs.


Wild Feral Hogs do a Lot of Damage!

Recent reports indicate that feral hogs are increasingly causing damage to residential properties and agricultural lands in the United States. Feral hogs are defined as wild, non-domestic pigs that are a mix of breeds which include European wild boar, domestic pigs, and hybrids. Feral hogs damage property, crops, pastures, and ecosystems. They also consume animal feed, destroy water supplies, compete with native wildlife for food and habitat, and can transmit diseases to domesticated animals.

Not only can feral hogs destroy property, but they also have an economic impact. In the United States, the estimated yearly losses due to feral hogs is over $1.5 billion. Additionally, controlling feral hogs can be difficult and expensive. For homeowners and property owners, the best way to protect their property from feral hogs is to hire a professional wildlife removal service like Affordable Wildlife Removal.

Affordable Wildlife Removal has a successful track record in feral hog removal. They understand the importance of getting rid of the pests as soon as possible, and they take the necessary steps to solve the problem quickly and efficiently. They conduct a comprehensive assessment of the property to determine the best course of action and method to remove the feral hogs. They use a variety of humane and effective techniques, such as repellents, trapping and hunting, to get rid of the hogs.

With Affordable Wildlife Removal, you can be sure that the job will be done professionally and safely. They are knowledgeable and experienced in this field, and they are committed to providing quality work. They also provide damage repairs, such as cleaning and removing debris, restoring fences and other structures, and more.

Don’t wait any longer to get rid of the feral hogs damaging your property. Contact Affordable Wildlife Removal today and protect your property from further damage.

Are you looking for an experienced and professional wildlife removal service to help you rid your property of feral hogs? If so, then you should consider Affordable Wildlife Removal. We provide a comprehensive solution to humanely remove wild animals such as feral hogs from your property.

Affordable Wildlife Removal has been providing successful wildlife removal services to homeowners and businesses since 2000. We have the expertise to safely remove all kinds of wildlife, including feral hogs. Our methods are humane, safe, and effective. We guarantee that we will be able to humanely remove the hogs from your property.

Our team of experienced wildlife specialists will safely capture and relocate the feral hogs away from your property. We use cutting-edge technology and best practices to ensure maximum safety for all involved. We also make sure to thoroughly inspect and clean the affected area after removal to ensure that no further damage is done to your property.

Our experienced team is licensed, insured, and certified, and is highly knowledgeable in properly handling feral hogs. We understand that tackling this kind of problem on your own can be complicated and risky, so we make sure to take all necessary measures to ensure the welfare of you and your property.

At Affordable Wildlife Removal, we make sure to provide superior customer service to all our clients. We are always available to answer any questions you may have and provide practical advice to help you avoid future infestations. We are committed to professional excellence and customer satisfaction.

Whether you need to remove a small number of feral hogs or many, Affordable Wildlife Removal is here to get the job done efficiently and efficiently. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your wildlife removal needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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