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Humane Wildlife Control

Our Wildlife Control Services

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Bat Removal

Bats in the attic can easily go unnoticed, when they are discovered the damage from guano accumulation is usually quite extensive. Florida bats can not be removed between April 15 through August 15.

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Raccoon Removal

Raccoons in the attic has cause large amounts of damage to the attic insulation, structural beams, often leave large amounts of feces and can even cause water damage from the entry points that they make.

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Squirrel Removal

Squirrels in the attic present their own set of problems for a homeowner. Squirrels are known to gnaw the coating from electrical wires which are said to be the cause of 20% of both home and business fires.

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Other Wildlife

No matter what your wildlife need may be, we always use a professional approach and our years of experience to find the best and most importantly, the most affordable humane animal removal solution for your needs.

Humane Trapping

We always strive to provide the most humane solutions possible when it comes to animal removal from homes.


Wildlife Exclusion

Once wildlife has been removed, we provide solutions to seal up your home so no future animals can return.


Attic Restoration

Animals in an attic can be a structural nightmare. We remediate their damages and restore insulation back to its original condition.


Odor Control

Residual odors can be like a beacon to new animals looking for a home. We neutralize residual odors so your home is no longer attrative to wildlife passing by.


Carcass Removal

Our team of professionals are experts at locating animal carcasses and extracting them from the oddest of places.


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Experience Affordable Wildlife Removal

Critters, will they leave on their own?  This is a popular question among the many of our fans on social media.  The answer is eventually…maybe and maybe not.  You got to remember – your house is a great location…plenty of food, shade, heating in the winter, AC in the summer, good roof to keep things dry, and it’s a wonderful place to raise a family.  Why would any critter want to leave?

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So, here’s the deal.  You are not collecting rent from these critters – so it might be time to evict them. You know, waiting for these critters to leave is subjecting the property to significant and expensive damage. Squirrels can rip apart electrical wiring, ruin drywall, destroy air conditioning duct work, and the most obvious: leave feces and urine everywhere. And trust us…you don’t want to be breathing that for very long.

So, call us to trap those unwanted house guests, quickly and humanely removal them. We will take these animals (all the family members – mommy critter, daddy critters, grandpa critter, grandma critter, critter babies, and most importantly the critter in-laws) far away from your home and relocate them into the wilds of Florida. (i.e. so far from your home…they might not be able to ever find it again.)

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Biohazard Clean up

When it comes to nuisance wildlife, there are many dangers and hazards that are presented with each animal. Bats are known to be carriers or rabies and their droppings can carry spores that can cause histoplasmosis. Raccoons are also carriers of rabies and their feces can carry a parasitic roundworm that can be harmful or even deadly to humans and pets. With teach animal the list goes on and on. Our team of specialists are experts in dealing with and cleaning up biological matter to make sure your home is a safe risk free enviornment.

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