Repair, Exclusion & Odor Control
Repair, Exclusion & Odor Control

Do you have a snake in or around your home? Keep an eye on it because we will come to remove it for you. Call us we are professional snake handlers.

Trapping And Removal
Trapping And Removal

The Affordable Wildlife Removal Team will humanely trap and caringly remove of any unwanted animal wildlife on your property.  Raccoon, squirrels, birds, and other critters that you deem as unwelcome house guests.

Attic Restoration And Cleanup
Attic Restoration

Attic restoration occurs after animal removal is done. Be aware, due to contamination such as feces, dander, animal destruction, and parasites left behind – we can help you restore your attic space.

Wildlife Odor Removal
Wildlife Odor Removal

We offer services that assist in controlling the undesired smells after animal removals. Remember, inhaling and breathing in these odors could possibly cause illness in you or your family. So allow us to address this issue for you.

Pest Control Programs
Control Programs

With our monthly control programs, critters can be a nuisance of the past!

Residential Wildlife Removal

We provide services to homeowners and their unwanted guests.

Commercial Wildlife Removal

Conserving the prestige of your commercial and community properties.

Snake Removal Exclusion
Exclusion Proofing

Identify animal intrusions & entry points. Lifetime Guarantee on proofing.