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Wildlife Trapping Services


Do you have a snake in or around your home? Keep an eye on it because we will come to remove it for you. During the summer, we offer free snake removal services until children return to school again.


The Affordable Wildlife Removal Team will humanely trap and caringly remove of any unwanted animal wildlife on your property.  Raccoon, squirrels, birds, and other critters that you deem as unwelcome house guests.


Attic restoration occurs after animal removal is done. Be aware, due to contamination such as feces, dander, animal destruction, and parasites left behind – we can help you restore your attic space.


We offer services that assist in controlling the undesired smells after animal removals. Remember, inhaling and breathing in these odors could possibly cause illness in you or your family. So allow us to address this issue for you.


With our monthly control programs, critters can be a nuisance of the past!


We provide services to homeowners and their unwanted guests.


Conserving the prestige of your commercial and community properties.


Identifying animal intrusions or possible entry points. We offer a Lifetime Guarantee on our animal entry proofing.

“Kevin was available and accessible throughout the process. I appreciated his professionalism and expertise…having a rodent problem made my wife and I feel very uneasy, but having someone help solve that issue helped a ton! Strongly recommend.”

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“Kevin was very helpful and knowledgeable when it came to the removal of the wildlife in my attic and covering up all the entry points to the attic. He followed up with me regularly and made sure that I didn’t have anymore concerns before the job was done. His prices were good as was he. I would definitely recommend AWR to anyone that has wildlife problems and wants them removed. Thanks again Kevin for all your hard work.”

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“Great job. Got mother raccoon first day came back every day to catch baby raccoons 4 days later job was done.then the follow up his crew remove the old insulation disinfected the whole attic. Replaced with new installation job well done.. very trustworthy I give affordable trapping five star rating”

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“Kevin was excellent. He trapped 2 raccoons and a possum that was destroying my pool and yard. His price is significantly lower than other estimates I got. I highly recommend him if you have raccoon and possum problems.”

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