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Wildlife Species That Will Sneak Into Your Home During The Winter

Image of four flying bats in orlando attic

If you were asking yourself, “What animals will I find during the winter in my house?” You have reached the right place. Many wild animals will hideout during the cold weather, and they may have chosen your home to endure the long winter months. During this chilly winter season, don’t be surprised to find one of these critters in your Florida home.

Brown Bats Looking For A Winter Roost

Bats are a species that can be commonly found in attics. This species prefers to roost in humid caves, abandoned mines, and empty attics. In a group, they often huddle, choosing a protected location that stays above freezing. Don’t be surprised if it’s a colony if you find them upstairs this winter. 

To create insulation and provide energy, bats accumulate enough body fat, enabling them to stay dormant for long periods. Their heart rate drops to 25 beats per minute, they appear dead because of their deep sleep, and their metabolism is severely reduced. The real hibernators are these winged critters.

Attics are popular bat roosting sites because they are warm and not frequently visited. A Florida attics can quickly be taken over by a bat colony and will require professional help. Bats are protected by law and can only be removed using exclusion techniques. Most Orlando residents won’t know how to implement an exclusion device, and we suggest contacting a wildlife removal company for expert help. 

Rats & Mice Escape The Cold

Picture of roof rat climbing in a back yard

Mice do not go into real hibernation. Rather, they enter a state of torpor, which saves their energy during the cold months but still allows them to remain active. They will spend several days bundled up in a group from morning to afternoon, where their body temperature drops significantly to retain heat. They will venture out during the night in search of food.

When they see it, rats & mice will take advantage of a human structure, and there are risks of not removing rodents from your house. It’s an attractive place for safety and supplies in the winter, especially because finding food is a challenge during this season. To get a bite, they’ll raid pantries and cold cellars, ripping into the packaging.

Skunks As Winter Pests Near Your Home

These striped stinkers might choose to hide out under your deck to spend the winter. Skunks are more likely to find comfort in a previously established structure, and the empty space under your porch or deck is the perfect spot.

Although they do not enter full hibernation, they become considerably groggy, seldom leaving the den and spending most of the winter isolating themselves in their burrows. Skunks are entering torpor, which is what makes them so somnolent. The temperature of their body, breathing, and metabolism all slow down. Don’t be surprised to find more than one: it is not entirely unheard of for skunks to burrow together in Florida for extra warmth.

Squirrels Looking For Heat In Your Attic

Image of a squirrel attempting to enter the attic

The squirrels that you’re likely to find in Orlando, FL, are the Eastern Grey and the Fox squirrel. Squirrels do not hibernate completely. To survive the cold, harsh winter, they build up a healthy fat reserve, which means you’ll see them less frequently, but it is not uncommon to spot one running around on a mild winter day.

Squirrels are highly opportunistic creatures, and they’re likely to take advantage when they see your home. With plenty of space and shelter to protect them from the elements, it’s the perfect hideout. Human homes provide protection from predators and a safe place to raise baby squirrels. 

Animals Have Invaded Your Home, How To Remove Them?

The first step is identifying what animal is inside the home. Listen for the noises such as scurrying, scratching, chirping, or anything that seems out of the ordinary. Next, look for evidence of an invader. This can be anything from scratch marks on siding, dopping/feces, or chewing marking on wood. After this information is compiled, contact a pest control company and let them know what’s going on. It’s advised to avoid direct contact with the animal because wild animals can be unpredictable, and the smallest sense of a threat could trigger an attack. 

Affordable Wildlife Removal is a company local to Orlando and has years of experience in the pest removal field. Their technicians are trained to handle any infestation and will ensure the proper removal of all animals. Contact them today if your home has some uninvited guests.