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Alafaya, FL Squirrel Removal

We offer professional solutions for all of your Alafaya squirrel removal needs. The technicians at Affordable Wildlife Removal have an array of humane solutions to ensure every situation is done quickly, safely and effectively. 

Nuisance Squirrel Trapping in Alafaya, FL

Squirrels in an attic can be quite a problem, especially when left long enough to create structural damage or even worse, gnaw wires which can and do lead to thousands of home and business fires annually. When prolonged denning has been allowed, animal damage repair is almost always going to be needed after we remove them.

Squirrels are persistent and clever animals. They will empty your bird feeder in a short amount of time. They are notorious for digging in potted plants, flowerbeds and removing bulbs to chew on. They are constantly chewing because their teeth are constantly growing and the problems can start when squirrels make a home in your attic. Wood siding and electrical wiring are at risk of damage. Squirrels also carry fleas, and their feces and urine can cause an unpleasant odor in your home. Squirrels are rodents, and like rats, they will chew on wires and water lines. Remember, squirrel teeth continue to grow causing the animal to gnaw and chew to keep the teeth worn down.

Squirrels generally breed twice a year, once in the summer between May and June and again in the winter between December and February.  In Florida, due to mellow winters, the grey squirrels tend to extend the breeding season. The grey squirrel does not hibernate like some northern species of squirrel. If you have squirrels in your attic, you will typically only have one family inside.  A dominant male and female will keep other squirrels away while they are nesting. Trapping is one method of removal; another is the use of deterrents to persuade the animals to move out on their own.  If the squirrels leave they will take any offspring with them, grey squirrels are among the most devoted parents and will defend their babies to the death.  If we trap the adults, we will need to remove the babies by hand to either reunite the family or take the babies to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for care and eventual release.

The next step is repairing the entry point(s) after the animals are gone, and then eliminating odors and scent markings.  If we just seal an opening without treating the attractant scent markings, we are encouraging another squirrel family to damage the home to gain entry and take over the nesting area.

We take a humane approach to successful squirrel removal from homes and commercial properties. This is done by identifying openings, paths that are frequented and using squirrel habits to allow us to strategically place humane cage traps with a high success rate.

Affordable Wildlife Removal will safely remove squirrels from your attic and biologically treat feces areas. Reconstruction of the entry points will be repaired to prevent a re-occurrence of the problem.

5 Signs of a Squirrel Infestation

These 5 signs may indicate the presence of a squirrel or squirrels in your attic:

  1. Scratching, thumping, or quick scampering back and fourth over head.
  2. Wood chips or shavings below a wooden fascia or soffit that have been gnawed.
  3. Squirrels leaving and returning with nesting materials.
  4. Fighting squirrels are a sign of overcrowding, which can lead to home infestations.
  5. Squirrel droppings on the roof or droppings that have rolled off the roof and accumulated.


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3 Step Squirrel Trapping Process

Image of a raccoon that has entered a home via broken shingles


We first start with a thorough home and property inspection. First we make sure to identify how the squirrels are accessing the roof. This helps us identify preventative measures for you to use upon completion, as well as helps us locate holes and entry points the squirrels are using to enter the attic, chimney or building/ structure. During our inspection we also look for damages, vulnerable and/ or weak  areas and anything else that may need your attention. This inspection also allows us to get a close look at everything so we can provide an estimate for cleanup, damage repair and squirrel proofing once they have been removed.

picture of nuisance squirrel

Trap Setup

Once we have our intel and are ready to start the removal process, traps are set in strategic places. Depending on the situation we have various types of traps from single capture to colony traps that can catch the entire family of squirrels.  Traps are also presented in various ways. Some are set up with bait, some are set up over the entry point to catch squirrels as they leave or enter and some are set up along a well traveled path. The one thing that remains the same is all methods are humane and done with the animals well being in mind while also being effective. Trapping alone is not a solution without proper exclusion work.

picture of bat flying in the attic

Cleanup and Damage Repair

Once the home is squirrel free, we then finish up with cleaning, damage repair and squirrel proofing. Squirrels can bring in large amounts of debris for nests, leave urine and feces all over the attic space and insulation and leave a mess from their damages from gnawing. Damages to buildings are typically done to the exterior when entry is made, to the attic insulation, along with anything that has been gnawed. Once this is all done, the final step is to seal all entry points and vulnerable areas so that no future squirrels can enter. This is always done with squirrel proof materials opposed to regular home improvement store materials.

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