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International Drive In Orland, FL

Picture of International Drive Ferris wheel in Orlando Florida

International Drive, generally known as I-Drive, in Orlando, Florida, United States, is a major 11.1-mile thoroughfare and is the main tourist strip of the area. I-Drive is located in the southernmost part of the city, several miles southwest of Downtown Orlando. As the heart of the tourist sector, the International Drive area serves a function close to that of the Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas. The strip is filled with restaurants, museums, and other fun activities that attract visitors to the Orlando area. As one of the most popular areas of Orlando, I-Drive is a must see for any first timers in Orlando.

How Is Orlando’s I-Drive Structured?

International Drive spans about 11.1 miles, with the northern section reaching into Orlando’s southernmost city limits and the rest of Orlando’s unincorporated Orange County’s central and southern portion. International Drive South, partially situated in the northern part of Osceola County, is regarded as an external extension that does not overlap directly with the main segment of International Drive. Sand Lake Lane, Kirkman Road, SR 536, and Universal Boulevard, which runs parallel to the midsection of International Drive, are surrounding cross-roads.

From its north end at Oak Ridge Road to Pointe Plaza Dr. and again between the northern and southern intersections with Westwood Blvd., I-Drive has four lanes, two in each direction. It has six lanes from Pointe Plaza Dr. to the Beachline Expressway, three in each direction, and again from the southern intersection with Westwood Blvd. to its end at SR 536. The entire International Drive South, from SR 535 to US 192, has six lanes in total. The I-Drive segment from Universal Blvd. to Sand Lake Road does not have a median or center turn lane, and the tourism corridor also has heavy traffic and gridlock in the evenings, impacting Carrier Dr. and Sand Lake Road. 1Go To Source triposo.com -“Orlando, Florida International Drive”

Universal Boulevard, Florida

From the Beachline Expressway north, Universal Boulevard runs roughly parallel to International Drive, then crosses I-Drive and crosses I-4 into the Universal Orlando Resort via an overpass. Originally built as Republic Drive, it originally stopped and fed through ramps on and off I-4 eastbound at International Drive. The north extension to Universal Studios was opened in 1998 and the road was renamed Universal Blvd.

There are still only ramps on and off I-4 eastbound at the I-4 intersection; the westbound I-4 ramps do not connect to Universal Blvd., but to Hollywood Way, requiring a right turn to get to Universal Blvd. Southbound, just north of the Orange County Convention Center, it originally fed into International Drive. The intersection’s north corner is now the shopping area of Pointe Orlando. It was also proposed to expand Universal Boulevard along its current alignment on the north side of the North Building when the North Building (then Phase V) of the OCCC was planned.

Plans were made to construct the intersection on the Beachline Expressway in accordance with the Williamsburg subdivision so that traffic would not unintentionally block Orangewood Boulevard, which had already met the Beachline at that point. In early 2003, the extension opened, and the old I-Drive connector at Pointe Orlando was renamed Pointe Plaza Road. In order to avoid excessive traffic on I-Drive, an electric sign system on the Beachline directs convention-goers to the proper lane.

Directions From I-Drive To Universal Boulevard

International drive and Universal Boulevard are fairly close to one another. Walking would take you approximately 34 min while driving would only take 4 min. Walking on a beautiful day will allow you to take in the scenery and everything this part of Orlando has to offer. If you’re in a hurry, car rentals or ride sharing services are available to get you to Universal Boulevard in a jiffy.

International Drive is about 2 miles from Universal Boulevard, Driving directions from I-drive to Universal Boulevard.

3 Must See Attractions Of I-Drive, Orlando

It would take you weeks to experience everything that International drive has to offer. With hundreds of restaurants, interactive museums, and roller coasters, it will prove difficult to determine what is must see on I-drive. We’ve made it easy and highlighted what the three most popular attractions are found on International drive. 2Go To Source gocity.com -“International Drive Attractions – Fun Things to Do’

  • Madame Tussauds Orlando– Wax museum displaying realistic reincarnation of American celebrities
  • SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology– Skelton Museum that displays skeletons from humans and animals
  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Orlando– A collection of interesting artifacts and everything bizarre