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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us.

“Today I came home to a snake inside my screen enclosure. Yes, it was just a black snake, but I don’t like any snakes. I had snapped a picture from FB when they advertised they would come and remove any snake from a yard for free. I called and they were here in less than 10 mins , got the snake and told me they would relocate it. I offered to pay something and he wouldn’t take anything! Highly rec this service to anyone like me who’s afraid of snakes! Ty so much , was really appreciated!”

Jill Reilly

“Kevin came out to our house tonight at 9pm to remove a snake that had been hanging out for a few days. He even went into our attic to make sure nothing was up there. Such a great guy and he didn’t even charge us. Wonderful company, I definitely recommend them!”

Bernadette Ruiz

“Isaac just came out and got a water moccasin that was on our porch. He texted me to let me know! Very good service highly recommend!!”

Ashley Diana

“Thank you Isaac for removing a beautiful black racer from my friends garage!!! Amazing company who came out within minutes!!! Definitely recommended. Thank you Isaac!!”

Ashley Curfman

“While out grocery shopping my wife called and said there was a snake in the house. One call to Affordable Wildlife Removal and within 45 minutes 2 very nice gentlemen had the snake in a bucket for relocation. These people are wonderful. Thank You for the services you provide for all of us!”

Kevin Finn

“What can I even say?! Kevin was a lifesaver. I had what I thought was one rat sound like they were coming through a vent. He came over and immediately caught one same day, informed me of the process, and his relentless reassurance made me know he was the right guy for the job. He came every other day to check traps and held my hand through the process as I developed a huge fear and anxiety from this mess). He text and returned my calls promptly. Once he blocked off entry points, rats came down for resources and were caught within a day. Super professional and amazing guy and if I didn’t hate rats so much, I would miss my every other day dates with him. Thank you so much for everything. I cannot say it enough.”

Christine Wilcox

“Kevin was very helpful and knowledgeable when it came to the removal of the wildlife in my attic and covering up all the entry points to the attic. He followed up with me regularly and made sure that I didn’t have anymore concerns before the job was done. His prices were good as was he. I would definitely recommend AWR to anyone that has wildlife problems and wants them removed. Thanks again Kevin for all your hard work.”

Trevor Thompson

“Great job. Got mother raccoon first day came back every day to catch baby raccoons 4 days later job was done.then the follow up his crew remove the old insulation disinfected the whole attic. Replaced with new installation job well done.. very trustworthy I give affordable trapping five star rating”

Joseph Cotar

“Kevin was excellent. He trapped 2 raccoons and a possum that was destroying my pool and yard. His price is significantly lower than other estimates I got. I highly recommend him if you have raccoon and possum problems.”

Victor Young

“Kevin was available and accessible throughout the process. I appreciated his professionalism and expertise…having a rodent problem made my wife and I feel very uneasy, but having someone help solve that issue helped a ton! Strongly recommend.”

Victor Young

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Animal Trapping & Removal

Animal Trapping and Removal is very dangerous, nerve racking, hazardous, dirty, stinky, and stressful work. That is why Affordable Wildlife Removal only hires the most passionate animal lovers on the planet.  Our crew of wildlife removal experts really care about animals and want to see them get out of your home and back into the wilds of Florida.

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Odor Control

Odor Control is the one of the biggest problems of having wild animals running in your home.  Most of the time, they are like that one friend (eveybody has that one friend), you know the one that has been partying way too much. Then, you make the mistake to invite them to come to your house after.  And your soon to be ex-friend is so tired from partying – he or she can’t find your bathroom.  Well, that is kinda the case with wildlife in your home…they soil it and it stinks. Don’t worry we can help you.

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Meet The Team

Professional, Fearless, Committed, Good Looking, Knowledgable, Brave, Handsome, Rugged, Caring, Hardworking, Experienced, Well Spoken, Outdoormans, Charming, Experienced, and well… you get it.  That’s us… we are the wildlife removals experts you need to call.

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Attic Restoration

Everyone loves their attic, they just know they do. Attic keep all the stuff for the holidays, things you once in a decade, family treasures, wonderful insulation to keep the AC or Heat in the house, and much more. But, when wildlife comes, well they can make a mess up in the attic. We can help remove the debris, plug the holes, and fix the insulation if necessary.  Call us today!

Experience Affordable Wildlife Removal

Experienced & Certifiable

Critters, will they leave on their own?  This is a popular question among the many of our fans on social media.  The answer is eventually…maybe and maybe not.  You got to remember – your house is a great location…plenty of food, shade, heating in the winter, AC in the summer, good roof to keep things dry, and it’s a wonderful place to raise a family.  Why would any critter want to leave?

So, here’s the deal.  You are not collecting rent from these critters – so it might be time to evict them. You know, waiting for these critters to leave is subjecting the property to significant and expensive damage. Squirrels can rip apart electrical wiring, ruin drywall, destroy air conditioning duct work, and the most obvious: leave feces and urine everywhere. And trust us…you don’t want to be breathing that for very long.

So, call us to trap those unwanted house guests, quickly and humanely removal them.  We will take these animals (all the family members – mommy critter, daddy critters, grandpa critter, grandma critter, critter babies, and most importantly the critter in-laws) far away from your home and relocate them into the wilds of Florida.  (i.e. so far from your home…they might not be able to ever find it again.)

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Areas We Serve in Metro Orlando, Lakeland, Metro Tampa, & Metro Miami

We’re known in these areas, Affordable Wildlife Removal provides exceptional trapping services in:



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