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We believe in humanely relocating wildlife, call now for Affordable Wildlife Removal and Wildlife Control in Gotha.

Critter Animal Trappers

Image of animal damage in attic needing new wiresThere is often pest removal requests for raccoon help to county wildlife control and wildlife removal offices. Our trained wildlife control Gotha specialists will first inspect your home for any possible animal infestation. Animal removal should never be attempted without professional wildlife removal and wildlife control experience Gotha pest control.


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Wildlife Control Services

We offer complete Gotha wildlife control and wildlife removal services from A to Z. Every visit starts with a thorough home inspection to find entry points & vulnerable areas, the inspection is usually followed by humane trapping. Once the nuisance Gotha animals have been removed, we then can provide damage repair and most importantly wildlife control & wildlife proofing services to prevent animals from returning.

Image of a raccoon that has entered a home via broken shingles

Raccoon Exclusion

Gotha raccoons in the attic has cause large amounts of damage to the attic insulation, structural beams, often leave large amounts of feces and can even cause water damage from the entry points that they make.

picture of nuisance squirrel

Squirrel Exclusion

Squirrels in the attic present their own set of problems for a homeowner. Squirrels are known to gnaw the coating from electrical wires which are said to be the cause of 20% of both home and business fires.

picture of bat flying in the attic

Bat Exclusion

Bats in the attic can easily go unnoticed, when they are discovered the damage from guano accumulation is usually quite extensive. Florida bats can not be removed between April 15 through August 15.

image of armadillo in a trap

Armadillo Exclusion

Armadillos love to dig. They can create large tunnels throughout a lawn or yard, and burrow under houses causing structural damage. They can crack concrete, destroy pipelines, and uproot landscaping. 

picture of coral snake removed in Gotha

Snake Removal

There are 44 species of non-venomous snakes in Florida, and 6 known venomous snake species. Snakes prefer living close to rodent populations, many times if you have rodents you will have snakes as well.

image of Muscovy duck in an attic

Bird Control

Birds can be both a nuisance and very hazardous. With a long list of diseases, birds also carry fleas, lice, mites and ticks. Their urine and feces can also cause humans to be at risk to lethal, airborne sicknesses.

Animal Damage Repair and Attic Restoration

Prolonging animal trapping can cause extensive damage to properties. Insulation contamination is very common when wildlife decides to nest.

Our team in Gotha, Florida can remove all contamination, complete a full attic restoration, and remove the contaminated waste. Restoring an attic can also assist in a clean and more energy efficient home/ building.

After the critter has been s humanely trapped by our professional animal removal team. We will seal the entry points that the animal used to get inside. We guarantee animals do not return, and that no other nuisance animals can use former entry points that were created.

image of animal damages in the attic and attic restoration

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