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Lake Mary Florida

Lake Mary Florida


Although the beginning of Lake Mary dates back to the 1800s, the city was not incorporated until August 7, 1973. The lake that gave the town its name was named after Mary Sundell, Rev. J.F. Sundell’s wife, who settled on the lake’s northern shores and in 1894 organized the Presbyterian congregation. Lake Mary began as a village called Bent’s Station and Belle Fontaine, with two tiny settlements. They were located between Sanford and Orlando along the railroad.

Lake Mary began life as an agricultural community based on citrus. About 1880, when the South Florida Railroad went through and connected Sanford with Orlando, the then town began to come into being. A stop on Lake Mary was set up by the railroad, which put it on the map. In February of 1887, the first Lake Mary Post Board was formed.

Lumbermen, turpentine workers, Fort Reed (Sanford) families who had received land grants were among the early settlers, and Swedish families who were mainly orange growers. In its early years, Lake Mary housed, in addition to the normal facilities, a dance casino, a bath house, a hotel, and a factory that produced cassava plant starches, farina and tapioca, a tropical looking plant with roots that were edible after boiling. The railroad workers and winter visitors came from the north later. The factory saved what was then the citrus community of Bents, near Crystal Lake, following the killing of citrus freezes in 1894 and 1895.

In the creation of what is today a modern, upscale community, there were many people involved, but Frank Evans probably had the most influence on achieving a permanent place in the history of Seminole County on Lake Mary. With his parents and his two brothers, Frank Evans came to Lake Mary in 1882. He was fascinated as a little boy by the circus and especially the tight rope act. Before it merged with P.T, he perfected his own version of the act and was part of the Bailey Circus. From Barnum. Before his father insisted that he return to his studies, he entertained him up and down the eastern seaboard.

Frank Evans became a brilliant chemist whose company produced products and textiles that were dyed. To build and promote Lake Mary as a community, he used his talent and financial resources, building the original Lake Mary Elementary School, many industrial spaces and new homes for the community of Lake Mary and the area of Seminole County. In 1923, he established the Chamber of Commerce and in 1926 he became a Seminole County Commissioner. Today, many of his descendants still live in Lake Mary. lakemarymuseum.com – Lake Mary


In 2018, with a median age of 47.9 and a median household income of $89,908, Lake Mary, FL had a population of 16.4k people. In Lake Mary, FL, the five largest ethnic groups are White (Non-Hispanic) (74.7%), White (Hispanic) (7.97%), Asian (Non-Hispanic) (6.94%), Black or African American (Non-Hispanic) (5.22%), and Other (Non-Hispanic) (1.96 percent ). In Lake Mary, FL, NaNk speaks a non-English language, and 97.1 percent are U.S. citizens.

Remington College-Heathrow Campus is the largest university in Lake Mary, FL (64 degrees awarded in 2017). In Lake Mary, FL, the median property value is $296,100, and the rate of homeownership is 76.1 percent. The majority of people travel through Drove Alone in Lake Mary, FL, and the average travel time is 23 minutes. In Lake Mary, FL, the average vehicle ownership is 2 cars per household.


Lake Mary’s education is outstanding. Indeed, not only does the Seminole County Public School District rank as one of the state’s top school systems, but it also ranks nationally. Among the many other accolades in the district, Newsweek Magazine, U.S. News, and the Washington Post ranked Seminole County Public Schools in the nation’s top four percent. A number of highly regarded private schools also exist in the Lake Mary area.


Within Lake Mary’s downtown development district, a liveable community with a cutting-edge personality, a large part of the city’s redevelopment effort is focused. Fine dining, sandwich shops, clothing boutiques, offices, a beautiful park, the scenic Events Center and City Hall are housed in Downtown. Every Saturday, at the Lake Mary Farmers Market, hundreds come out to enjoy the gorgeous Florida weather, local produce as well as crafts by local vendors. If your style is more like an evening atmosphere, you can attend WineART Wednesdays, which are held on the first week of each month. Food trucks, a wine/beer garden, artists, live music, shopping, dining and more are included in the event.


Lake Mary’s beauty is natural. You can appreciate and enjoy its appeal, whether you bike, run, walk or rollerblade. The Rinehart Trail runs through Lake Mary, part of the Cross Seminole Trail system. Not only are our parks and leisure facilities beautifully maintained, but they offer something for everyone. The ideal weather in Florida will make you want to take advantage of every chance to be outdoors.

Lake Mary provides a variety of youth recreation opportunities as a family-oriented community. We have a program for them whether your child is interested in baseball, softball, soccer, golf, or tennis! We provide an atmosphere of camaraderie and entertainment for our seniors, those 55 and older, at the Senior Center and through different events. It will surely be a good time, whether it’s a game of bridge, sewing, chair aerobics or line dancing! lakemaryfl.com – Lake Mary


One of Central Florida’s fastest growing areas is the city of Lake Mary. There are several recreational activities also offered by the town. Baseball, softball, soccer, tennis, golf, basketball and skate boarding are all included. You can enjoy fishing on the St. Johns River as well. In addition, in the Lake Mary region, there are ample restaurants, night clubs, theater and symphonic music.

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