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Belle Isle Florida


Belle Isle is a friendly community in Central Florida where peaceful, lakefront living offers a permanent holiday from the surrounding subways. The local government of Belle Isle, originally established in 1924 to protect Lake Conway and the surrounding lake chain, works diligently to protect the environment that more than 6,000 residents call home.


Belle Isle was once a Native American oasis and was founded in 1924 by Central Floridians to protect Lake Conway and its lake chain. Town supporters resisted Orange County’s plan by forming their own municipality to use the lakes for drainage.

The first citizens of Belle Isle and interim Mayor C.H. Hoffner unanimously voted for the name of the city, which resembles the French phrase “beautiful island.” Later, Arthur Q. Lancaster served as the first elected mayor.

Belle Isle was annexed back into Orange County in 1928 and Belle Isle City records ceased to exist. Nevertheless, residents rallied in 1954 against another attempt by the county to use the lakes for drainage, and the local government was reinstated. Later, in 1972, the State of Florida recognized the City of Belle Isle’s charter. To recognize Mayor Ross Dexter, the first mayor to actually die while in office, City Hall was named “Dexter Hall” in the same year.

The city’s government continued until the early 2000s, when in an attempt to better serve Belle Isle residents, a council-manager form of government was adopted. The city has flourished since that time. Annexations, the creation of the Belle Isle Police Department and the opening of the Cornerstone Charter Academy agreement mark Belle Isle’s biggest accomplishments in recent years. cityofbelleislefl.org – Belle Isle  


The City Council of Belle Isle consists of seven district representatives and one mayor and operates under a government form of council-city manager. The council establishes policies and programs and allocates funds for each function of the city service. The Council endorses all ordinances, agreements and contracts, reviews proposals for public needs, launches new program actions, and sets the level of funding for services and facilities. cityofbelleislefl.org – Belle Isle  


City Incentives

As well as Community Development Block Grants for facilities to expand economic opportunities and development, Belle Isle has the least property taxes, national development and utility taxes in Orange County.

The Cornerstone Charter Academy of the city offers curriculum in biomedical/life sciences, STEM program, and digital technology.

County Incentives

These businesses have been given incentives by Orange County Commissioners that have had a significant impact on the economy.

In the past, companies receiving incentives were usually well-established, high-tech high-impact and high-value-added companies. Aetna Specialty Pharmacy, Digital Infrared Imaging, Tiburon, Indra, Whirlpool and Windoor Electronic Arts are included. cityofbelleislefl.org – Belle Isle  

How far is Florida’s Belle Isle from Orlando?

The FL 527 route is 5.66 miles from Belle Isle to Orlando1Orlando is a city in the state of Florida in the United States. It is Orange County’s county seat. Orlando is the center of the Orlando metropolitan area in Central Florida. in the northwest direction and 6 miles (9.66 kilometers) by car. If you drive non-stop, Belle Isle and Orlando are 12 minutes apart. This is Belle Isle, FL’s fastest route to Orlando, FL. Edgewood, FL is the halfway point. In the same time zone, Belle Isle, FL, and Orlando, FL, are (EDT). In both locations, the current time is 6:59 pm.

Point of Halfway

The exact coordinates of the halfway point of this route are 28.497152 and -81.375618, or 28o 29 ‘49.7472″ N, 81º 22’ 32.2248″ W. If you want to meet halfway between Belle Isle, FL and Orlando, FL or just make a stop in the middle of your trip, the exact coordinates of the halfway point of this route are 28.497152 and -81.375618. Belle Isle, FL and Orlando, FL are 3.20 miles from this location and it would take approximately 6 minutes to reach the halfway point from both locations.

Halfway Point’s closest city or town

Edgewood, FL, located 2 miles from Belle Isle, FL and 4 miles from Orlando, FL, is the nearest town to the halfway point. It would take 4 minutes to go to Edgewood from Belle Isle and 7 minutes to go to Edgewood from Orlando. distance-cities.com – Belle Isle FL


When did Belle Isle become a Territory of the United States?

The Paris Treaty marked the end of the Revolutionary War in 1783 and established the Detroit channel as the U.S.-Canada boundary, making Hog Island an American territory. As the Revolutionary War concluded, the British gave up all claims to the island.

What is unique about the Belle Isle Lighthouse?

The only marble lighthouse in the United States is the William Livingstone Memorial Lighthouse 2A lighthouse was built on Belle Isle in 1881 after Congress appropriated $10,000. For over forty years, Louis Fetes was the keeper of the Belle Isle Lighthouse. While the family lived at the lighthouse, Belle Isle was reshaped into a playground in Detroit.. It is a 70-foot high white fluted tower made of Georgian marble and was first lit on 8 April 1930.

Has there ever been a lighthouse keeper at the Livingstone Memorial Lighthouse?

No, but another lighthouse was standing on Belle Isle. A lighthouse on the east side of Belle Isle was built in 1882, facing the Canadian shore in the center of about 20 acres of reed-filled marsh. It was a swampy island, a wilderness less than three kilometers from Detroit City Hall. The only way was by boat to get there. A red, square, brick tower 43 feet in height starring a fixed fourth order lens was the light tower. In 1883, along with the surrounding retaining wall and a boathouse, a keeper’s dwelling was added. William Badger was the first keeper assigned, but was soon re-assigned to the Windmill Point Light. The only other Belle Isle keeper was Louis Fetes.

What became of the old Lighthouse of Belle Isle?

It was automated in 1929 and, with the installation of the Livingstone Memorial Light, decommissioned in 1930. The old lighthouse was demolished in 1943 and replaced with “Belle Isle Lifeboat Station,” which became Belle Isle’s Coast Guard Station. Underneath the parking lot is the foundation of the old lighthouse. belleisleconservancy.org – Belle Isle