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Frequently Asked Questions About Home Owners Wildlife Protection Insurance. 

Does my insurance cover this?

Most Florida home owners will have a insurance that will cover their attic damage that has been caused by nuisance animals. Most home owners are very un aware to this and will often times pay out of their pockets for something your insurance could cover for you!

Stop wasting your hard earned money when you shouldn’t have to. In this article we’ll be discussing how you can find out if your insurance can cover you or not. Insurance companies can make it a little difficult to figure it all out. One way to find out if your insurance is by calling them and asking. If you’re not so sure then give Affordable Wildlife Removal a call to find out if we can work on your attic.

what animals are covered by my insurance?

Animals that are covered by insurance can be found out by simply calling your insurance company to ask. 

As we all know Florida is home to tons of wildlife living right in our back yard. Florida’s native wildlife ranges everywhere from venomous snakes, big cats and even monkeys. Orlando is full of raccoons, opossums, rats, squirrels, snakes, armadillo’s, skunks, moles and more. The real question we want to know is which type of animal is covered by my insurance? Typically each insurance company has it’s own terms and policies. The most common type of animal that is covered by most insurance companies is the Raccoon. Raccoon’s leave such a nasty mess that can contaminate the air and insulation that is in the attic.


Dealing with a wildlife insurance consultant

Insurance companies will send a consultant out to your home for an inspection. They are responsible for providing advice and guidance to clients on how to protect themselves from liabilities and risks when working with wildlife. They are also responsible for helping clients decide which plan or policy is best suited for their needs.

The second step is getting the proper training, which will include a course in risk management, insurance law, and the ecology of natural resources.

The next step is networking with other experts in the field. This will help them get better at their job by learning from others around them who have had experience in the field.

The fourth step would be building up a portfolio of work that can be used as examples on what they can do for future clients.

What damages do my insurance cover?

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Raccoons can be a major problem for homeowners if they decide to take up residence in the attic. A true homeowners nightmare. They are known to destroy insulation, leave feces and trash everywhere, tear off shingles, destroy pipes and tear down wood inside the attic space and cause other damage that can be costly to repair.

Fortunately, there is raccoon insurance available for all homeowners who want coverage against this type of damage.

There are two main types of raccoon insurance available:

– Raccoon Damage Insurance: This type of insurance covers the cost of repairing damages caused by raccoons such as tearing off shingles or insulation. It does not cover the cost of the materials used in repairs. – Raccoon Prevention Insurance: This type of insurance covers certain costs incurred by homeowners who want to prevent raccoons from entering their home in the first place, After being approved for coverage we send the invoice over to them and let us handle the rest.

what animals are covered by my insurance?

Our Wildlife Control Services

Bat Removal

Bats in the attic can easily go unnoticed, when they are discovered the damage from guano accumulation is usually quite extensive. Florida bats can not be removed between April 15 through August 15.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons in the attic has cause large amounts of damage to the attic insulation, structural beams, often leave large amounts of feces and can even cause water damage from the entry points that they make.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels in the attic present their own set of problems for a homeowner. Squirrels are known to gnaw the coating from electrical wires which are said to be the cause of 20% of both home and business fires.

Other Wildlife

No matter what your wildlife need may be, we always use a professional approach and our years of experience to find the best and most importantly, the most affordable humane animal removal solution for your needs.

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