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How to Prevent Commercial Wildlife Damage in Your Home

Introduction: What is Commercial Wildlife Damage and Why Should You Care?

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Commercial wildlife damage is a major problem in the United States. Wildlife damage includes damage to crops, livestock, and buildings. All these damages are caused by animals that live in the wild. Usually when a wild animal finds it’s way into your Orlando, FL home it’s to find a place to sleep.

Wildlife is an important part of our ecosystem and have a vital role to play in the food chain. However, sometimes these animals cause us problems because they come into contact with humans and their property mainly in search for food. Most people think that feeding the wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels and pigeons is harmless but what you are teaching them is to depend on you for food making them not wild.

This article will be focusing on commercial wildlife damage from a business owners perspective and why it’s important for you to care about it.

bird netting installation in Orlando done by Affordable Wildlife Removal

Overview of the Cause of Commercial Wildlife Damage and How you Can Prevent It

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Commercial wildlife damage can be difficult to prevent if you’re not sure what the cause is. There are many reasons why animals may come into your home or yard and damage it. Here are a few common causes of commercial wildlife damage and how you can prevent them:

– Wildlife is attracted to food sources, such as pet food left out on the porch, bird feeders, fruit trees, garbage cans or compost bins. These attractants should be removed or moved away from the house or yard.

– Animals might find their way through the smallest of openings. This includes small cracks and open vents around your commercial property. If you haven’t check around your building’s structure then right now is a good time.

– Animals may also enter yards and homes through gaps in walls or screens at windows, doors and vents that allow access to crawl spaces under houses. Holes in foundations should also be sealed up with wire mesh.

– Wildlife may use your yard as a pathway from one habitat area to another, such

5 Steps to Protecting Your Home from Commercial Wildlife

keywords: prevent commercial wildlife from damaging your home, how to stop animals from breaking into your house

The term “commercial wildlife” can be used to describe a number of different animals and pests that are typically not native to the area. These animals can cause a lot of damage to your home, so it is important to take steps to protect your property from them.

1) Make sure you keep your home clean and tidy – This will make it less attractive for commercial wildlife.

2) Keep your grass cut and bushes trimmed – Commercial wildlife like to hide in these places, so trimming them will make it harder for them to get into your house.

3) Install motion-sensing lights outside – This will scare away any animals that are trying to break into your house at night.

4) Seal up any holes or cracks in the foundation with caulk or

5.) Check the side of your buildings for open vents.

Conclusion: Introducing the Newest Weapon in the Fight Against Commercial Wildlife Damage – the Bird Barrier Bird Spikes

The Bird Barrier Bird Spikes are a new weapon in the fight against commercial wildlife damage. They are effective and humane way to keep birds away from your property.

Bird barrier Bird Spikes have been developed to give property owners an alternative to lethal methods of bird deterrence. The spikes work by emitting light that mimics the sun’s rays, which is uncomfortable for birds and can cause them to leave a particular area.

Affordable Wildlife Removal technicians are Certified in Bird barrier installment for any type of project.

The Bird Barrier Bird Spikes have been tested extensively and are now available for purchase in the US and Canada.
With over 100+ Bird netting jobs across Florida, Affordable Wildlife Removal trains technicians to deal with all bird, pigeon, bat, duck and geese removal situations. We are a humane company that has multiple methods of dealing with birds.