Roy Crabtree has many superhuman powers and abilities as the result of his magical skills as well as powers bestowed to him. He is the personal representative of the various gods and demigods and of course the business owner of Affordable Wildlife Removal. His powers are of a wizard and he has been given to champion as in the cases of lost or misguided small wild animals living within the confines of a residential home or a place of business.

As the Guardian of the Rights of all Small Woodland Creatures in the State of Florida, he is one with the wizard tools and animal trapping implements to deliver effective removal of small wildlife.  Many people say to us, “Wow he made that animal magically disappear from our house – thank you”.

Roy Crabtree channels the energies of the primal Mother Earth and she directs him to protect all her beloved animals. As such, he is infused with the duty to keep the travels and the happiness of the earth’s animals in balance. As the remover of the lost and confused critters, he also holds the dark forces at bay. Due to being bound to the pledge with Mother Earth, Roy Crabtree’s spirit can leave the small woodland critters in places that are safe and far from human interactions.  It should be noted that Roy Crabtree’s powers get weaker the longer he is not vaping.