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Orlando, FL Birds and Bats in Vent HVAC Systems

We offer professional solutions for all of your residential and commercial Orlando, FL bird management needs. We have an array of bird management solutions ranging from bird removal to professional deterrent systems, such as bird netting and sticky pad installation.

The Thin Line Between Birds and HVAC Systems

Introduction: What is a Bird Vent?

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Birds can get in vents in a number of ways, but the most common reason is because the vents are too close to trees or a colony of bats might be looking for a new home.

In this section, we will discuss how birds can get into vents. The most common reason for this happening is because the vent is too close to a tree. For example, if a vent is located near a window and has no screening on it, then birds might mistake it for an open door and fly through it.

The Dangers of Birds Getting Inside a Building’s HVAC System

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Birds are a common sight in the sky, but it’s not easy to get them out of your building.

Birds can fly into a building through different vents and then build nests in the system. This is a problem because they can cause massive damage to the air conditioning system and other parts of the building.

The best way to get birds out of a HVAC system is by using a vent cleaner or Contacting Affordable wildlife removal.

Birds are only attracted to the building because of the large number of vent openings. They are not attracted to any particular type of building, but they will be more prone to enter through a vent if it is in an open space.

There are many myths about why birds get into vents and how they are suggestible. The most popular myth is that birds are attracted to light. However, this is not true because birds use their night vision in order to see in the dark.

Birds can cause severe damage because they will fly inside and make nests, which can block air flow or create a fire hazard from bird droppings. Some people think that bird spikes will keep them from entering buildings, but these don’t work as well as one would hope because birds that have been discouraged by one set of traps.

Myths About Birds in Vents and How to Prevent Them from Entering Your HVAC System

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When birds build nests in the spaces between a house’s outside walls and its vents, they can get trapped inside. This will cause the HVAC system to not run correctly because the vents will be clogged with bird droppings.

In order to prevent this, you need to make sure that your vents are not accessible by birds. To do this, install one-way screens on all your vents.

The Complete Guide to Birds in Vents and How They Have Become Common

Introduction: Why Have Birds Been Flying into Ventilation Systems?

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The problem is not so much what the birds are doing, but how the air vents are set up. Birds see a lot of open space and they do not realize that there could be a vent cover because it’s made to blend in with the other materials on your building.

There is a misconception that birds fly into air ventilation systems because they want to escape the cold weather and find warm air inside. This is just one possible reason why birds might fly into vents. There are other factors which affect what will happen when a bird flies into an air vent system, such as which kind of bird it is and if it’s migratory season or not.

Some Thoughts on the Science Behind the Bizarre Bird Behavior

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Birds fly into vents because it’s a navigational shortcut. So, if there are vents in your backyard, it may be smart to put some kind of cover over them.

If you happen to be an architect designing a building with vents on the roof, make sure to make them smaller or less noticeable so birds won’t fly into them.

The size of the vent is likely to affect how often birds will fly into it. That’s because the size of the opening determines how easy it is for the bird to get through that outlet and if there are any obstacles that could obstruct its path.

Some scientists think that many common species of birds migrate by following magnetic fields, which means they might not necessarily have any concept of what they’re flying towards when they hit these

Why Do Birds Keep Getting Stuck in Vents? Tips to Prevent the Next Event (keywords: birds keep getting stuck, bird stuck in vents, birds in vents how to prevent)

What To Do When You Find A Bird Stuck In Your Vent (keywords: bird stuck in vent, what do with a bird)

The first step is to determine if the vent is on or off. If the vent is on, turn it off and wait for the bird to leave on its own. If the vent is off, then go outside and check for any openings in your home that are high enough for a bird to get in.

If you can’t find any openings, then climb up onto your roof and search for any open vents that are not covered by screens.

If you still can’t find an opening or see a bird inside of your home, call a local vet or animal control officer for help.

How to Prevent Birds From Getting Stuck In Vents

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Birds are attracted to vents because they are warm. To keep birds from getting stuck in vents, one can use vent baffles to cover the top of the vent. These will prevent birds from getting into the vents.

Bird Removal Services for Stuck Birds & Repairs on Structural Damage

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The following are some common call-outs to avian removal services:

– Bird in house, bird in garage, bird in chimney, bird under roof shingles, birds on roof or on awning.

– Bird on window sill or on window ledge. – Bird removal from RV or boat. – Dead bird around home.

– Debris cleanup from a winter storm with many windows broken and many windowsills covered with insulation and droppings from birds roosting for the night inside the home.


Muscovy Duck Removal {flood}

Getting rid of muscovy ducks in {flood} is a popular need. Muscovy ducks will make a home in your yard without professional pest control. The problem with that is that they will ruin your yard or fill it with excrement, depending on the number of ducks. In order to repair your yard, not knowing what to do can mean a lot of expenses.

You should forget about traps when it comes to Muscovy ducks if you have no experience. The number of birds, plus their size, makes it virtually impossible to use normal traps to get rid of them. There is a need for large funnel traps that capture the entire party. Shooting them is also a bad idea, especially if you do not know the laws in your area concerning bird shooting. If you need assistance removing Muscovy Ducks from your property, contact Affordable Wildlife Removal to quickly rectify your duck problem

Pigeon Control {flood}, FL

Get rid of pigeons in {flood} with a pest control plan. In order to control the nuisances that they can cause, our team can effectively trap them through an integrated set of methods. Using live-traps for pigeons, we will quickly trap them and safely remove them from your property. We assure you that our procedures are always as humane as possible.

We will work with our customers to find ways to eliminate food and water sources, nesting opportunities and employ exclusion techniques using netting to avoid and control further problems. While the infestation can be overwhelming, we are experienced in handling the issue, so you can rest assured the job with being done quickly and correctly in a timely manner.

Starling and Sparrow Control

Home and property owners’ issue is that starlings gather in such large numbers and can be a pest. With their droppings and nesting habits, they can damage property. AWR technicians can provide an assessment of your home and property to determine whether there is a sparrow infestation. We are remove the nests and birds already there and offering assistance and a plan to avoid sparrows’ return. The technicians know how to safely and humanely handle the issue and provide a comprehensive plan to stop them from returning.

Bird Spike Installation

Bird spikes are 100% efficient, repair and maintenance-free, and a long lasting solution from pest control professionals. On joint landing surfaces, such as rooftop edges, ledges, window sills, chimneys, or wherever roosting and nesting, install bird control spikes. Bird spikes as a deterrent are a sure-fire way to prevent these pests from landing on your property, eliminating pest damage and liability, whether you’re looking to deter pigeons, sparrows, starlings, woodpeckers, or other species.

To suit numerous price points, we offer a variety of anti-bird spikes made from different materials. You can buy Bird repellent spikes in plastic or stainless steel, and they are easy to install within minutes. It’s an excellent solution to your problem to use spikes to keep birds away. Shop our entire selection of spikes for bird prevention below, or contact us for questions or for a free consultation.


Nuisance Bird Management Solutions in Orlando FL

In the Orlando Florida area, both city and suburbs, bird management solutions are frequently needed to stop fecal contamination, nesting accumulation and various other problematic issues.

We specialize in humane and efficient bird control solutions for conflicts where people and the infestation are too close for comfort. Whether you have a lone sparrow flying around your home, have pigeons roosting at a commercial property or have them stuck inside a large commercial property, we can professionally handle your problem with our decades of experience and numerous hours of extensive training.

As a means of removal, we install professional bird deterrent systems such as netting, spikes, shock tracks and other repellents to get rid of birds, we also provide duck and pigeon trapping when necessary.

Image of a raccoon that has entered a home via broken shingles


Pigeons create problems for both residential and commercial properties. When they are causing a problem around areas where sanitary issues are a concern, such as a restaurant or public area, it can be a major problem. Pigeons can present both damage and disease from their droppings. Pigeon droppings are known to errode steel and also hold histoplasma capsulatum spores that can cause a lung disease called Histoplasmosis which can be fatal to humans in cases where it is both untreated and treated according to the CDC.

picture of nuisance squirrel

Muscovy Ducks in FL

In Florida, Muscovy ducks have been introduced into urban and suburban areas, usually where high populations often occur. These birds were illegally released primarily for ornamental purposes or as pets by private individuals. Because this introduced, non-native species creates problems through competition with native species, property damage, and disease transmission, The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service revised its Muscovy Ducks Regulations according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

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Birds In Vents

Significant fire risks are presented when bird nesting has been clogged inside vents and exhaust pipes. Bathroom fans, microwave exhaust, and dryer exhaust vents are all common areas for birds to plug with nesting if the openings of these vents are not properly bird proofed. Clogged vents will not and do not exhaust properly due to air flow restriction, causing fan engines to overheat. When put in contact with the electrical components of a home, dried leaves, twigs, grass, and feathers from nesting serve as dangerous fire accelerants.


Orlando, Florida Bird Netting Services

Our company installs industrial grade bird netting,  electrical barrier systems, bird wires, shock tracks and offers companies and retailers throughout Florida with bird control solutions. Birds can cause significant damage to a company’s reputation, company products, and company property on, in, or near a company. To get the job done right, hire professionals. For buildings, soffits, eaves, rafters, warehouses, boats, docks, airports, and parking garages, we install commercial-grade bird control systems, bird netting, and anti-bird netting. For businesses, campuses, theme parks, distribution centers, and stadiums all over Florida. Our professional bird deterrent and management experts help business owners find the correct solutions to their problems daily and would be glad to help you with yours.

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Disease and Damages

Bird Diseases: Several parasites and mites are carried by pigeons, infesting the nesting areas and feathers. However, histoplasmosis, a lung disease that humans can contract from fungal spores that grow on pigeon droppings, is the most common concern for urban pigeons. They serve as a fertile growth region for this fungus if the droppings are allowed to accumulate. Droppings can also cause cryptococcosis and Psittacosis.

Bird Diseases
  • Histoplasmosis
  • Cryptococcus
  • Toxoplamosis
  • Pigeon Ornithosis
  • Encephalitis
  • Salmonellas
  • Chlamydiosis
  • Coccidiosis
  • Eryspeliod
  • Newcastle’s
  • Parathypoid
  • Pullorum
  • Transmissable Gastroenteritis
  • Tuberculosis
  • Vibrosis
  • Yersinosis
  • Acariasis
  • Schistosomiasis
  • Taeniasis
  • Trichomoniasis

Some birds, especially pigeons, like to live in the attics of homes and buildings. Birds in attics pose a health risk to the inhabitants of the building. In homes, when roosting in an attic, people are often bothered by the noise the pigeons make, and they leave a lot of droppings behind.

Bird Damages: in affected areas cannot only be a nuisance, but become very hazardous. Addtional to the long list of diseases, birds also carry fleas, lice, mites and ticks. They often defecate in attics, sidewalks, driveways, or picnic tables- and it is their urine and feces that cause humans to be at risk to lethal, airborne sicknesses.

bird netting installation in Orlando done by Affordable Wildlife Removal

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