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bird control Orlando

bird control Orlando

Bird infestations are far less common than many of the other infestations that plague the homeowners of Florida. When they occur, however, they can not only be incredibly inconvenient, but also extremely hazardous. Birds carry a long host of diseases and infections, including pullorum, histoplasmosis, and vibrosis. For this reason, it is crucial that homeowners who are experiencing a bird infestation call Affordable Wildlife Removal right away.

As the leading animal control company in Orlando, we are qualified to remove birds swiftly and effectively. We also offer the best Orlando, FL bat control, so you can be certain we’ll catch whatever if flying around your house in as timely a manner as possible.

In this article, we’re going to provide you with an overview of our bird removal services, so you’ll know exactly what to expect when you hire our expert team for bird control in Orlando.

Humane Trapping

Many companies that claim to provide the best bird control near Orlando have no aim beyond ridding their clients’ homes of pests. While this “win at any costs” approach may seem admirable on the surface, it can have disastrous effects on Florida wildlife. By using traps and poisons to capture wildlife, these providers of bird control in Orlando often harm or even fatally injure birds while removing them. At Affordable Wildlife Removal, we vow to treat birds with care and respect while removing them. We use only humane techniques to capture pests before safely returning them to their natural habitat.


At Affordable Wildlife Removal, it is our mission to be the absolute best bird control company in Orlando, FL. That’s why we provide wildlife exclusion as part of our bird removal package. Wildlife exclusion involves identifying any potential port of entry pests could use to get inside your home. If any such holes are discovered in your home, our second-to-none exclusion team will seal them completely, thus eradicating any risk of the pests returning to your property. If birds return to your home even after you have used our bird control services, we’ll give you a 100% refund.

Home Repairs

Pest infestations can cause lasting damage to a property. This is especially true in the case of bird infestations. Once your bird infestation has been dealt with, you may notice holes, scratches, or worse throughout your home. When you choose Affordable Wildlife Removal to deal with your bird infestation, this property damage becomes a non-issue. As the leading bird removal company in Orlando, we are fully trained in home repairs and renovations. This allows us to completely undo any damage caused to your home by birds, bats, or other pests that may have found their way inside your property.

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There are many companies offering bird control in Orlando. However, only Affordable Wildlife Removal can promise the efficiency, exclusion, and humane capturing that is necessary to rid a home of pests without negatively impacting the ecosystem of our great city. If you’re dealing with a bird infestation, contact us today at 866-808-7277 for a fast and affordable solution.

bird control Orlando