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asbestos testing Kamloops

Article provided by: Thompson Valley Restoration DKI

asbestos testing Kamloops

Asbestos has been a primary component of insulators and fire retardants for buildings since the 1800s. This case is because they have extreme resistance to chemicals, noise, and heat. The bad qualities of asbestos became apparent in the 70s, leading to the regulation of its use and disposal of precious materials in older constructions.

An improper procedure of mold, lead, and asbestos removal in Kamloops during a home renovation is bound to release large amounts of asbestos into the atmosphere. The removal process is not always straightforward because the federal government will not license or accredit the testing processes. The asbestos testing and training licenses are different for each state and local municipality.

The best removal practices

The only encompassing laws of asbestos testing in Kamloops should be by independent bodies like EPA and OSHA. The technician’s training should meet the EPA Asbestos Model Accreditation Plan.

Thompson Valley Restoration has enough training and accompanying certifications from AHERA. The firm offers complete restoration services for all sorts of properties, such as industrial, residential, commercial, or institutional.  

Safe abatement

It is critical to educate yourself about the safe removal procedures of asbestos because some laws and regulations govern the process. The hazardous materials specialists in Kamloops should orient you on their entire process so that you have confidence in their methods. Here is what to expect from a standard and competent removal service:

  • Testing to verify or affirm the presence of asbestos in the home
  • Sealing the area with plastic to prevent contamination of the adjacent rooms
  • Wearing and providing masks to anyone overseeing the work
  • Monitoring the air for the release of airborne asbestos particles

Reasons to hire a contractor for lead testing

The process of asbestos, mold, vermiculite and lead removal follow almost similar methods. Most people would like to evade the entire process by assuming new homes may be free of lead materials. The truth is that minute parts of the furniture or window may still contain chips of lead. You cannot possibly test all parts of the home without laboratory testing tools and methods.


An efficient asbestos testing in Kamloops will have suitable equipment to perform quick swab tests on all sorts of surfaces. Hiring a professional is important because studies show that a decent percentage of modern constructions still contain degrees of lead on various surfaces.


The testing process may include mechanical removal of surfaces, wet scrapes, or use of heat and chemicals. The contractor will then use the laboratory sample to ensure that the air and surfaces stay below the safety guidelines of the state. Finally, we will dispose of the profiled lead material to ensure the safety of anyone who comes into contact.

Homeowners seeking a comprehensive test involving should expect the best testing results with the professional input of our team. You can find our reviews from nearby past clients and online review platforms that recognize our BBB accredited asbestos testing near Kamloops. Contact us today to schedule testing and Kamloops Hazmat services that will improve the safety of your home and potentially earn you a fast property resale.

asbestos testing Kamloops

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asbestos testing Kamloops

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